Statements of Encouragement

Often we are given trite and overused statements as a means of encouragement during trying times. Sometimes the words leave the possibility of an alternate effect that might make the situation worse. A tunnel is usually visualized as a thing to be dreaded, and we are sometimes relegated to  a symbolic long tunnel with gloom all about, with no escape and no end. A helpful person might offer intended words of cheer such as “There’s light at the end of the tunnel!” A light ahead could be a good thing, but what if it is a rushing freight train coming toward one?

Another situation also comes to mind, where a song of encouragement, an old Irish song that begins, “May the road rise to meet you.” I am reminded of and individual walking along a road with me when she tripped over a small mound of concrete dropped sometime in the indeterminate past. The road did seemingly rise to meet her, resulting in bruises and cuts requiring stitches. Also, many a person who has had too much alcohol may also find the road seemingly rising to meet him!